with your pilot id or email, or register


What is FSCloudVA

If you join us, you will become one of our pilots. You can choose in which airline you want to fly as a pilot. You fly routes and earn hours, miles and money for you and the airline.


What do I need to fly ?

You need a sim ( FSX / P3D / XPlane ). You have to register on .

Download the smartcars tool to log your flights. ( downloadlink )

andi021 has done a little video on how to use smartcars. ( video )

My favorite airline is not available

If your desired airline is not available, we will create it for you. Just contact us via .

How can I change to another airline

Contact us, we will arrange the change.

Which routes count to my airline ?

It does not matter which route you fly. All routes YOU fly will be counted to the airline you belong to.

How is the payment calculated ?

The pilot will earn money for each hour of flight in relation to your pilot rank. 
The rank will raise on the hours you flown and so the payment for pilot will increase.

The airline will earn money for each passenger (load).

My PIREP was rejected, why ?

Ok, your pirep was rejected. Most rejections are caused by:

- not landed at the destination airport
- the sim rate was not normal (1x), please dont accelerate your sim speed
- you used a jetliner in a tourleg where only prop machines are allowed
- refueling in flight

The reason for the reject is in the comment of the pirep.
You can also place a comment on that, or directly in smartcars before you file the pirep.

Who is the team behind FSCloudVA

CEO is Tattoomann

Technical administrators are andi021 and KosFlyer.

How can I contact FSCloudVA ?

write a mail to

via private message via fscloud client to tattoomann, Kosflyer or andi021 .

or contact us on Discord